Using Technology to Manage Your Goals by Tracy Yu

Using Technology to Manage Your Goals
by Tracy Yu

In January, you probably made new resolutions made in an effort to improve your quality of life. However, sometimes it can be difficult to have the motivation you need to stick with those resolutions. With the help of mobile apps, you will actually be able to stay on track for months to come instead of quitting.

  1. Eat Healthier

If you want to eat healthier this coming year, the apps MyFitnessPal and Fooducate make keeping this resolution easy, by helping you keep track of your meals and calories using a database of foods. Fooducate will even tell you the quality of your calories, since 200 calories of ice cream is definitely not the same as 200 calories of apples.

  1. Save Money

Maintaining a budget and trying to save money can be hard work, but the app Acorns can help by keeping count of your income and spending and finding out how much money you can put away for later use. Another app, Digit, looks at your spending pattern and notices places where you can cut your spending. It automatically takes a couple dollars and puts them into a bank account. Little by little, this creates lots of savings in the long run.

  1. Become More Organized and Productive

Sometimes managing your time wisely can be a struggle, but there are lots of apps that can address this problem. Cell phones can be distracting if you want to be productive, so the app BreakFree monitors cell phone use and provides tools to help you fix this issue if you use your phone too much. The app can make users reject call and send auto-texts in an effort to reduce cell phone use. 30/30 is an app that allows you to make to-do lists and keep track of all your tasks.

Hopefully, these mobile apps will help you stay on track this year!

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