Our blog connects girls to the world, one shared story at a time.


Our workshops connect girls to the world, one new skill at a time! MissHeard workshops are 100% tailored to your organization, presented by an experienced facilitator.

Consulting & Speaking

Let us help design your curriculum! Reach girls where they are with our workshops, ideas, and inspirational speaking.

Our Core Workshops!

GIRLS Inspired Inc. superpowers!


Our 90-120 minute workshops bring to life skills that girls use every day. Workshops can be customized to your organization's needs and are led by an experienced presenter.

Girls Get Things Done!

Participants must register in advance. Girls learn different ways they can be a voice for a cause. Using custom resources, girls will work in teams to design a mini-campaign on an issue. The campaigns will be
shared on

"I learned how easy it can be to use my voice on a cause!" - Community Bridges Student

Girls Are Superheros!

Girls will practice ways of "dropping their baggage" so they can fly! Participants will identify their own unique superpower and create a personal mantra. Finally, girls will write about their personal powers to share on MissHeard.

[The 'Girls are Superheros' workshop] showed me how to cope with my emotions and self-motivate. I really needed this! - C.S., Girls Inspired and Ready to Lead student

Girls Lead!

Participants will discover different leadership styles and identify leaders in their lives. Girls will discuss and share how they are leaders in their every day lives. Girls will set goals and learn how to stick to them. Their writing will be featured on

I liked that the examples in the 'Girls Lead!" workshop were relatable to every girl in the room. - Segen S., MoCo Parks and Rec., group leader.

Girls Express Themselves!

Participants think about their shared and unique experiences. Participants will have a group discussion about how their experiences can fuel creativity, then do a mindfulness-focused writing activity. Girls' writing will be featured on our website.

Speaking at the UCF Womens Studies Fundraiser.

Consulting & Speaking


With nearly a decade of experience, Lindsey can help your organization reach more young women where they are through engaging workshops, marketing, and facilitating.


Lindsey speaks on a number of topics relevant to teenage girls and classrooms including: facing failure, perseverance, entrepreneurship,
and encouraging female friendship.

Speaking for Parents and Educators

As someone who works closely with teens and their parents, Lindsey can help de-mystify some things about today's teen girls. Topics include:

What's my daughter doing on social media anyway?

"As a parent at the Formation Conference, I thank you for the info and insight you provided! You are inspirational! I'll definitely be following MissHeard!"  - Parent, Formation Conference

How do I help boost my daughter's self-esteem?
Help! My daughter is thinking about the future.
 We can even create a custom talk or workshop  to suit your needs!

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