MissHeard featured by Empowered Women International!

We're so thrilled that Empowered Women International chose to feature Lindsey Turnbull and MissHeard on their blog and in their newsletter! Keasha Lee Ince, owner of Striking Statements, interviewed Lindsey about how MissHeard got its start, and how EWI helped her on her journey.

Here's a snippet of the blog:

“I started MissHeard Media in 2013, after I earned my MA in history and moved from FL to DC in hopes of finding the perfect museum job,” Lindsey recalls. “But the sequester made it difficult for finding work and I realized I missed the teen girls I worked with when I was a part of a teen mentoring program (Young Women Leaders Program/YWLP) in college.”


During Lindsey’s time with the YWLP, she witnessed how smart, innovative, and funny the girls were and recognized that there wasn’t enough focus on these aspects of teen girls in the media and society at large. “I wanted to give them a platform to share their unique stories and connect with one another. I wanted to help them sharpen the skills they will use every day as they journey towards adulthood,” she said.

EWI Feature

Read the full post here!

Founder Lindsey Turnbull to speak at 1st BRAVE Summit!
Hosted by Unleashed NYC

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be speaking at the first ever BRAVE Summit on behalf of MissHeard Media! Please join me and a host of amazing speakers, including supermodel Emme, TV personality Contessa Brewer, Unleashed founder and author Dr. Stacey Radin and dozens more on November 5th at Fordham University Lincoln Center in NY, NY!

I (Lindsey) will be sitting on a panel called  Brave Voices: Powerful Communication with high school junior Hallie Fawer and participating in lunchtime speed mentoring!

Register today and mark your calendar for an amazing day!


Brave Summit MH

MissHeard Featured on Huffington Post!

Hooray! Today is an exciting day because MissHeard Magazine got a featured write up on Huffington Post Impact! MissHeard, along with BeGirl, NFCC International, and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. We’re so thankful to Huffington Post and Sarah Hillware, of Girls Health Ed, for highlighting these organizations!

Read about MissHeard and check out the whole article here.

Lindsey Turnbull founded MissHeard Magazine after graduate school, while she was looking for jobs. She credits the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP), a mentoring program, and says that her inspiration came from her involvement with YWLP throughout college. During her time in the program, she realized that if you asked teen girls what they thought, they had a lot of brilliant ideas. Most teen magazines she saw and read as a teen did not address the diversity of teens, and when they did, there was little or no space for girls to share their own experiences. She thought girls deserved that space.

MissHeard Magazine is submissions based, so the majority of the content on the blog and in the quarterly magazine is written by teens and young women. In her mind, creating this space for girls to share their diverse experiences will lead to girls understanding one another better. Turnbull hopes that this understanding will carry on into adulthood and help women to change the world!

We couldn’t be more excited!