7 Ways to Have a Productive Summer by Tracy Yu

7 Ways to Have a Productive Summer
by Tracy Yu       

Summer is a time to have fun and be relaxed after a year of stress and hard work. But it is also a great time to do all the things you didn’t have time for during the rest of the year. It’s definitely a good idea to mix fun with productivity over the summer.

Here are seven ways that you can be productive during those summer months:

  1. Volunteer at a local charity or organization.

Giving back to your community is a great thing to do during the summer, since you have a lot more time to dedicate. Reading to kids at the library, delivering meals through Meals on Wheels, or building homes with Habitat for Humanity are all things you can do to help out those in need. You can even bring a friend along, which will help the organization even more and make your experience more fun.

It doesn’t have to be like this!
  1. Complete an internship.

The summer is a great time for you to gain some extra skills and work experience through an internship. Internships allow you to test your feet in the waters of a particular field and help you decide what field you’re interested in. You will also be able to form connections and increase your network. Internships take a lot of time, which make them perfect for the summer when you will have more time to spare.

  1. Read new books.

With so much time on your hands during the summer, you can start reading a new series. You can either read for fun or read to learn something new. Even if you’re reading for fun, it is still helpful at keeping your brain active during the summer slump.

  1. Learn a new language.

Knowing a second language is always helpful and taking the time to learn it will definitely prove to be useful in the future. It might help you get a job that you desire, allow you to communicate better in a foreign country, or give you a head start in language courses at school. You can either take language classes online or buy books and software to study the language yourself. (Editor’s note: There are free apps like DuoLingo that can get you started!)

  1. Create an exercise routine.

With extra time over the summer, you can create a workout schedule to become healthier. You can focus on a different muscle group every day to make sure that no part of your body is neglected. You can even take a friend along to the gym with you to make exercising a bit more bearable!

  1. Take interesting classes.

You can take summer classes in your favorite subject to get ahead in your studies. It’s a great way to keep your brain active and make sure you don’t get “brain drain” over the summer. In addition to academic classes, you can take fun classes in things you’re interested in, such as photography, pottery, or poetry. Bring along a friend who has the same interests as you and you can learn new things together!

  1. Explore new places.

Plan a trip to somewhere you’ve never been before. A trip with a group of friends is always fun. Turn it into a learning experience and make sure to learn all about the culture there by exploring museums and trying authentic cuisine.

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  1. Make sure you use this time to make yourself as professionally appealing as possible, that way you won’t actually have to do much when career fairs and graduate school conferences roll around. Stay productive during your summer vacation!

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